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Half day hours:     7:30 to 12:30

Full day hours:     7:30 to 17:00


The school starts at 07:30 and closes at 17:00 or 12:00 for half day toddlers.


(If your toddler needs to arrive at school earlier due to parents working conditions, special arrangements must be made with me in person)  


Please ensure that your toddler do not arrive later than 07:30, breakfast will

not be served after 08:00.  Please ensure that your toddler enjoys breakfast

at home if they need to arrive at school late.  Breakfast can not be kept a side.


Additional fees or fines will be charged for toddlers staying after 17:15 at school.  


Please contact us if you experience difficulty in adhering to school hours due

to working conditions.  If a toddler has to sleep at school or stay after 12:00,

the full day fee is payable.




Riekies Private Pre-School is registered at the Department of Social Development and Department of Health.  Riekies is also registered at the Mpumalanga Toddler Association. The Riekies Educational Programme is a registered and approved programme.  The Principal Ria Taljaard is an active Member of the School Governing Body of Klipfontein Primary School and Kieliekrankie Pre-School.


By enrolling your toddler at our school, you as parent can visit the school at any given time to ensure that your toddler enjoys the best care and service possible. Our school is fully functional in private capacity and the enrolment of your toddler is at your sole discretion and at own risk.  We can ensure you of our committed, responsible and safe care of your toddler daily.  Right of admission is reserved and entrance is at own risk.  Some staff is working as facilitators under supervision.




Kindly refer to the monthly newsletter for calendar with daily themes, important dates and activities at school.


School holidays:  Please note that the school will be closed as follows:

-  Public Holidays

-  December as per the Departmental school holiday until January.


The school will not be closed during school term holidays as Departmental schools are closed.




NO medication may be send to school in school bags.  Kindly put it in a separate plastic bag with clear dosage instructions.  Please give it to the teacher in her hand.  Medicine in bags is dangerous; it must be kept out of children’s reach at all times.  NO medicine will be given by staff to toddlers unless I have contacted the parents for permission.  If your toddlers fever is very high and we are concerned, we will contact you to discuss further action. Toddlers with contagious diseases must please be kept at home to get well.  Toddlers with vomiting, diarea or serious influenza must please be kept at home until the illness is cured.  Sick toddlers need special attention and care.  




Breakfast 7:30 – 8:00:  Maze meal porridge, Maltabella, Oats and Wheatbix with milk and sugar will be served.  (Please do not send alternative breakfast cereals, if your toddler prefers other porridges, please serve it at home before coming to school)


Break 9:30:  We drink WATER!


Snack 10:00:  Juice and yoghurt (Kindly supply 5 small containers of

yoghurt every Monday for the week) Please do not send the yoghurt in lunchboxes daily.


Lunch 11:00 – 12:30:  Mommy’s Lunchbox (Please cook noodles at home, we will reheat and food if necessary)  No sweeties please.  Healthy food is important.  


Snack 15:00:  Juice and Sandwiches (with fruit from time to time)


We only serve filtered water (NO tap water).  Water is freely available so

that the toddlers can drink as they please.  Daily water intake is very important

for healthy bodies and minds.


We love to spoil our toddlers from time to time with watermelon, oranges, sweeties, chips, ice lollies, biscuits and/or ice cream.  If you would like to send us a treat, you are more than welcome and it is much appreciated.


IMPORTANT:  Please ensure that you write any allergies on the enrolment form and to also inform the teacher.




Please ensure that your toddlers belongings are clearly labelled, this is very important.  Clothes, lunchbox, stationary etc.  The school will take no responsibility for belongings that got lost. NO toys are allowed to come to school.  Personal toys are causing unnecessary conflict.  The school has enough educational and fee play equipment and toys for all.




We love to take toddlers on outings, but we are very cautious in doing so to ensure that they are safe at all times.  This will be communicated with parents in advance and prior permission from parents will be requested.


Mpumalanga Toddler Association:  The school participates in conjunction with the MTA in a variety of events eg.  Athletics, Talent Show, Choir etc.


Our school also have our own exciting events yearly eg.  Concert, Mother and Toddler Day, Grandparents Day, Christmas Function, Diploma Awards and Farewell Function, Tea with mom!, Fundraising Fun Walk etc.

Your kind participation in these events are much appreciated.

General Information